Reynolds Stone A Memoir




A wonderful memoir by Humphrey Stone, Reynold’s son.
A fresh look at the life and work of the artist Reynolds Stone CBE RDI (1909-1979) has long been overdue. A distinguished wood engraver, he helped champion the renaissance in good printing and type design, and was an accomplished watercolour painter and letter cutter in stone.

“The book is so delightful you can’t put it down. I have never read another biography like it………it is a masterpiece. ”

— Hilary Spurling

“If you………had any idea of the thrill and pleasure brought to one reader at least, by your Memoir of your father……. ”

— John Parke

“I was delighted by its design and captured by its prose. I read it through in a single day. Humphrey, like few others could, has evaluated Reynolds Stone’s career splendidly and with remarkable balance.”

— Alfred Bush

“I can honestly say it is the best £35 I have spent for a long time.”

— Andy Benedek

“To say that the book is most beautifully produced is a tautology, given the designer. More than that, though, there is not a single dull or sloppy sentence.”

— Robert Gray

“I have just finished reading your Memoir of your father and write to express my admiration for your gentle and loving recollection of a great man.”

— John D. Spencely

“Not only a fine tribute to him…..but also as a sketch of some of those, in that period, whose creative talents added so much to the culture of Britain.”

— Min Wood

“It is beautifully and subtly written, so elegantly designed, and of absorbing interest.”

— Ariane Bankes

“The book manages to be both gripping and seriously interesting. Of course you couldn’t go too far wrong with Reynolds’ engravings and paintings on every page. ”

— Rachel Billington